Our Sweet Spot is Real Sugar, In Moderation

Our Sweet Spot is Real Sugar, In Moderation

Diabetes is on the rise globally and the blame is often pointed at sugar, public enemy number 1. However, we believe that sugar itself is not the problem, but rather that we use far too much of it in processed foods and drinks.

Two types of sodas dominate the soft drinks market. Traditional sodas like Coke and Sprite are made from artificial ingredients and are extremely high in sugar. A can of 330ml Original Taste Coke contains 35 grams of sugar which is equivalent to around 9 teaspoons. Many mass-market iced teas and energy drinks contain similar amounts of sugar, if not more. Is it really necessary to sweeten our drinks to this level? Using excessive sugar has been a winning formula because sugar tastes good and has addictive qualities, and it is a very cheap ingredient, but we cannot ignore the negative health impacts.

Fake Substitutes Flood the Market

In response to consumers’ health concerns relating to high sugar consumption, the drinks industry responded by creating "Zero Sugar” beverages made from a wide range of sugar substitutes including Stevia, Erythritol, Aspartame, Sorbitol, Xylitol…the list goes on. We reject these sweeteners because we are not convinced by their health claims (more on that below), and they do not taste good. These sweeteners are typically hundreds or even thousands of times sweeter than sugar so drinks manufacturers have to use other filler ingredients and clever techniques to mask their taste, resulting in the weird aftertaste and cloying mouthfeel. For us, It also feels disingenuous to label a drink as “Zero Sugar” when its loaded with another type of sweetener that just doesn’t happen to be called sugar. It’s like selling a “Butter-Free” cake that’s made from margarine.

Artificial sweeteners were initially praised for their ability to achieve three central health claims relating to weight management (because they contain no calories), diabetes (because they supposedly have no impact on blood sugar level), and oral health (because they do not promote tooth decay). However, there is no conclusive proof that they can fulfil any of these claims. In fact, findings from a recent review of scientific evidence by researchers from the WHO (World Health Organization) suggest quite the opposite; namely that consuming a lot of sweeteners is associated with an increase in type 2 diabetes and heart disease, as well as weight gain because they do have an impact blood sugar levels. The benefits of sweeteners on dental health are also inconclusive. In 2023, the WHO provided guidance that non-sugar sweeteners should “not be used as a means of achieving weight control or reducing risk of non-communicable diseases” such as diabetes or heart disease. The debate rages on, but the point is that there isn’t conclusive evidence that sweeteners are actually good for you.

Neon Tiger Roars In

We launched Neon Tiger because we could not find suitable sodas on the market for ourselves and our families. We felt there had to be a better alternative to both traditional sodas that use too much sugar, and Zero-Sugar sodas that use sugar substitutes. We were also not satisfied with flavoured waters which we find are too bland and watery. There did not exist many drinks that could deliver the full flavour and perfect level of sweetness you crave from a soda, but naturally from real ingredients, so we decided to create our own.

Neon Tiger Real Fruit Sodas are made from premium juice, water and fizz, and are sweetened naturally from sugars in the fruit as well as a bit of cane sugar. We use real sugar in moderation to deliver low sugar, low calorie sodas that taste amazing. Sip a Neon Tiger and you’ll ask “how is this so delicious without all the sugar or sweeteners?”.

Our answer is simple. We allow the real ingredients to shine though. Our sweet spot is real sugar, in moderation.

Our philosophy is also simple. Quality ingredients = Quality Drinks.

Our mission is for you and your family to DRINK BETTER by embracing real ingredients and rejecting artificial sweeteners. Enjoy our drinks on their own or be a bit wild, and use them as a mixer to make a guilt-free spritzer!


Jessica, Doug & Pete

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